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WEIGHT and FAT LOSS you want results like this?

Marty F- Lost 40 lbs and went to 10-12% bodyfat
By working with Grant's suggestions on nutrition, various work-out procedures, and adapting this into my very demanding lifestyle of traveling 3-4 days per week for my job, and coming home to a wife, and 3 children, I was able to meet my initial goals within one year. My first year I went from 215 lbs. to 175 lbs., and now have worked with Grant for the past two years in adding muscle mass and weighing in at 190lbs., and between 10-12 % bodyfat. All at 45 years old, and in the best shape of my life !

Luis G-
To read Luis' amazing story, click here: MUST READ!!!!!


Rachel Y- What a difference in my body, my health, my posture, my well being after working out with you!! My back injury/surgery really set me back“I feel like I am better now than I was before I was ever injured! Your knowledge of the muscle groups is incredible. I feel like you are THE FIRST trainer I’ve ever worked with over the last ten years that has ever known so much useful information. You have shown me things that I would have never figured out on my own. Grant is a phenomenal trainer. You have really made a difference!

SPECIAL POPULATIONS (Medical Conditions)

Ronna E- Grant is excellent at listening and hearing what his clients want to achieve. He is very insightful and has knowledge and background in all areas of health and wellness. While having Multiple Sclerosis for 15 years, training with Grant I have been able to maintain my strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and mental health. Grant is exceptional at what he does and even smiles on my worst days, he is a gift to me indeed!


Diane D- Grant has a great personality to deal with the multiple types of people we have at our company. His skills as a trainer are excellent. He knows how to gently push you to try new exercises and strive for excellent in a work out. His rates are reasonable and working out with a group is great fun and economical! He is very willing to accommodate our schedules, which are usually crazy. I like that he continuously tries to set up programs which compliment current, ongoing wellness programs. I would recommend him to any corporation or individual for boot camp, individual or group work out sessions.


Shelly L- Grant’s boot was a great way for me to get in shape and stay motivated. My strength improved and at the end I was able to run a mile in less than 9 minutes. I lost a few pounds and just felt much better overall. I think exercising on your own is great but if you really want to challenge yourself you really need someone who will push you past your limits. Boot camp was really good for me because of the variety of exercises the accountability and the extra push I needed to go beyond my limitations. Thank you for your encouragement and expertise.

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